Thank you for taking the time to look at the concept design for our new parish facilities here at St Francis of Assisi Parish, Mairehau. We present to you the following:

1) Site plan showing how everything fits in

2) Floor plan for these buildings

3) Choir loft floor plan

4) Elevations looking from Innes Road and to the east

5)  Perspective drawing looking across the new facilities

6) Cross section from inside the Church looking at the altar

This work is the fruit of the efforts of the parish Needs Assessment Group over the last 2 to 3 years, the survey feedback from parishioners about potential uses for the pastoral centre, and Church teaching on sacred architecture (particularly the late Bishop Barry’s writings and guidance).

Please keep this project in your prayers. We especially seek the intercession of St Francis of Assisi in our efforts.

May God bless our efforts, and make them fruitful.

Update: 11/08/2017

At our annual parish meeting in June, Tony Sewell (Diocesan Property Officer) gave a good overview of where we are at with the rebuild of our facilities. Though changes are still likely as we move through this process, here is where we stand as at today: 

In light of the feedback from parishioners, direction from the various committees of the diocese and stringent budgeting constraints we now have an agreed design for the new church and pastoral centre.

Changes to the church design include removal of the toilet in the sacristy and addition of a toilet in the narthex at the front of the church. Narthex with a small reduction in size; sacristy reduced in size; removal of the immersion baptismal pool and moving the stand-alone baptismal font to the centre of the aisle.

Small reduction in the size of the pastoral centre; combining of the assistant priest’s office and board room.

We hope to build a new presbytery by mid-2018, probably at our site 63 Kensington Avenue (which backs on to the current presbytery).

In mid-2018 our current temporary church will be demolished (it hasn’t got another shift left in it), as will the current presbytery. This means we will be looking for a temporary place to celebrate Mass from mid-2018 until completion of the new church at the end of 2019.

This rebuild is a major project but with great goodwill across the parish, including our school, we know this will also be a time of blessing for us. We will be like the Israelites making their way through the desert to the Promised Land – only for us it won’t take 40 years!

I want to ask everyone to make prayer for the safe and successful completion of this project a priority. I have been heartened and personally strengthened by the 5:30pm First Friday prayers for our rebuild. With God’s blessing, and under the patronage of St Francis, this will be a time of great renewal for our faith community, and an amazing gift to future generations.

Father Simon Eccleton

Parish Priest

Update: 16/12/2016…

A big thank-you to all the parishioners who provided feedback on these concept designs for our new parish church and pastoral centre. 

Well over 50 submissions were received from parishioners, while numerous comments were also made to Father Simon or to other members of the Rebuild Committee. Most of our parishioners indicated that they were enthusiastic about the concept design with 87 percent stating they were excited/very excited (i.e. gave a rating of 7 or higher).

Father Simon and the Rebuild Committee members met with the Architect (Dominic Hassan) last Tuesday and worked through the many suggestions and comments. Dominic will make several recommended changes and return the proposal to Father Simon. When agreed, the concept design proposal will then be forwarded to the Diocesan Administrator (Father Rick Loughnan) for his consideration and further direction.

Mike Moore Chair Rebuild Committee.